COAST|noCOAST (previously Northside Review) is an annual print journal of fiction, nonfiction, poery, and art with "offices" in Cincinnati, Ohio and Seattle, Washington. While our literary interests are diverse in form and content, we are looking for the bridges between the works we love. We publish COAST|noCOAST as an interrogation of our aesthetics as well as an exploration of our regions' poetry and art. A portion of each issue is dedicated to the writers and artists of  Southwest Ohio and the Puget Sound. We seek work that is self-conscious (potentially experimental) in form and context (literary, historical, or otherwise).


Over beers with, and encouragement from, poets Cathy Wagner and Dana Ward, we founded Northside Review in the summer of 2014. The journal took its name from Cincinnati’s vibrant arts and literary working-class neighborhood, Northside. For two years Northside Review published established and emerging poets with a focus on writers from Cincinnati and Southwest Ohio.


In 2016, half of the editorial staffed moved to Seattle, and thus the journal bifurcated and was renamed COAST|noCOAST. Our mission is to make accesible our regions' most originative and engaging poets, writers, and artists.


A heartfelt thank you to 4Culture and the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture for their generous funding.