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Parting Gifts for Losing Contestants 

Jessica Mooney

The debut chapbook of nonfiction by Jessica Mooney, and the first chapbook in the COAST|noCOAST Chapbook Series is available for pre-order.

Praise for Parting Gifts for Losing Contestants:

“Each essay is a cut that soothes itself—or attempts to—with love and the avoidance of love; blurted truths, secrets kept, pharmaceuticals, fast food, and forensic archaeology. With whatever works, and so much that doesn’t.”    

                                    —Nicole Hardy

“... a threnody on the impossibility (or at least the difficulty) of romantic love for the author (and perhaps the reader as well). Stunning.”

                                    —David Shields

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Background Image: Gretchen Frances Bennett, Frames, 2017